Email Sent To Congregation May 29, 2020

1. When are we reopening?
We are reopening on Sunday, June 7.

2. What services will be provided on June 7?
In-person in the Sanctuary at 10 AM
Online streaming at 10 AM
WYKE (Cable Channel 16) at 1 PM

3. Should I attend in-person services now?
This is a question that only you can answer. However, we strongly encourage anyone who is feeling sick, who has recently been sick, or who has had any contact with a person with COVID-19 to stay home. Also, if you are immunocompromised, the CDC recommends that you stay home. Understandably, there will be some who are not comfortable attending and some who are comfortable. For this reason, we will continue to make our online and TV services available.

4. When will we have children’s activities?
Children’s classes and activities will launch slowly. During June and July, they will not be available. On August 2 we plan to launch all children’s classes (nursery, pre-school, and elementary classes) during the 10:00 hour.

This allows time for our children’s ministries to prepare to relaunch in the safest possible way. On August 2, all children’s ministry opportunities will be back in full swing.

5. Are there options for families before August?
Our children’s ministry will be providing “Quiet Rooms” for families that wish to attend services but have concerns about their children possibly becoming disruptive. Our Nursery and 2,3,4 rooms will be available, and we are working out details for the Livestream to be available as well. Also, if you wish, parents and grandparents can take turns with immediate family only in the Quiet Rooms.

6. Will we continue online and TV worship broadcasts?
Yes!!!! We will provide online and TV broadcasts indefinitely! We believe that our TV/online ministry that has formed during this time will continue to be a vital outreach of Rock Crusher Church in the future. We encourage you to assist this ministry if you have strong technical and computer skills. You can utilize your physical and spiritual gifts to reach others with our online and TV broadcasts.

7. What will church worship be like?
The focus will still be on Jesus and what He desires to say to us every time we gather. Yet, we will practice social distancing. We contracted a professional cleaning team to sanitize our entire facility. Every touch surface has been wiped down with sanitizer. In addition, we will provide a hand sanitizing station upon entry and masks will be available to anyone that would like to utilize them. Likewise, we will ask you to space your family six feet apart from other families per the CDC’s recommendations. For this reason, every other row of chairs will be sectioned off and not utilized, and we will encourage no hand shaking or hugging.

8. Can I wear a mask? Gloves? Etc.?
Of course it is strongly encouraged, and we will provide disposable masks if you do not have one. Remember, though, that everyone will not have the same habits during this time, so we ask that everyone be kind, sensitive, and accepting of all who wear or do not wear protective gear. It is a joy to meet together. For those unable to attend currently, please continue to join us online and invite your friends! We have expanded our family during these months and hope to continue as we engage people from many places.

9. What about Summer Camp?
We have opted to cancel Summer Camp this year because we cannot guarantee that a virus will not spread because of our efforts. We have decided to err on the side of safety and caution. This was a difficult decision that we struggled with; however, we believe it is best.

10. Why launch now?
Some churches relaunched a week or two ago (late May), and others are waiting until August. One of the most important things we have sought to do is to “do everything together.” With Governor DeSantis relaxing the “safer at home order”, we felt that this was the right timing for Rock Crusher Church.

11. Will giving still be available via mail and/or online?
Yes! We are grateful for your faithfulness to give during this time! We have been able to continue the ministry of Rock Crusher Church in Citrus County and beyond because of your faithfulness. We celebrate the fact that God is providing for His church through His people and their faithfulness in giving.

If you have any questions on how to give online, we are available to assist.


Rock Crusher Church Elders