Update as of September 13, 2021


Dear Rock Crusher Family,

Just a note to remind you that we will be meeting in person this Sunday, September 19th. Below is a reminder of the safety precautions that were included in the bulletin. Also included in this email is a link to a “Back to Basics” video that is on our YouTube Channel.  Take a few minutes to watch it. See above:

Thank you and we pray that you and your family remain well.
Getting Back to the Basics
COVID-19 and its mutations remain a public health concern for us and those around us. As a faith community we are called to love and care for others and ourselves. Despite the mixed messages we receive, we must get back to the basics of sound, proven practices that are easy to follow and help us and others remain as healthy as possible.

Wash your hands often with soap and water (especially when your hands are visibly soiled); use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available

Wear a mask in public places, crowds, or gathering with a group of people unfamiliar to you

Practice social distancing with others who do not live or normally interact with you on a regular basis

Stay home if you or a family member are ill or “not feeling well”, or if you have been in physical contact with someone with a potentially contagious condition

Trust God to provide if you must be absent – He will see to it that your plans/assignment is covered.

We believe this is true for Rock Crusher! God is working and we can trust that He is actively providing…


With the love of Christ,

James Eustace | Lead Pastor