Faith Community Nursing



What Is a Faith Community Nurse?

Faith Community Nursing (FCN) is a recognized specialty by the American Nurses Association. Faith community nurses are pastoral, spiritually mature, licensed registered nurses. Focusing on the intentional care of the spirit, the nurse blends the community members’ faith and definition of living well with the science of medicine to enhance quality of life. This opportunity is available to all faith communities and all licensed nurses, whether employed or retired. There is no requirement to be employed by, be a customer of, or be affiliated with BayCare. In collaboration with faith community leaders and members, as well as community agencies, our goal is to facilitate an environment where good health can be sustained and enjoyed.

What Are the Specific Roles of the Faith Community Nurse?

  • Health advocate
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Support group facilitator
  • Health advisor
  • Health educator
  • Integrator of faith and health
  • Health referral agent

If you, or someone you know, is in need of care or would like to be a part, please contact the church office at 352-795-5553.