where is bill gates' farmland in michigan

As the Land Report notes, 24,800 acres of the land is transitional, located on the western edge of Phoenix, the tenth-largest metropolitan area in the country, and the most populous city in Arizona. In fact, he reportedly owns more farmland than any other individual in America. One such rumor claimed that there had been an unusual number of fires at food processing facilities in 2022. The report states that Gates has 70,000 acres of land in North Louisiana where they grow soybeans, corn, cotton. While Gates is still the top farmland owner in the U.S., not all of the property he owns is farmland. There were 895.3. Microsoft founder and billionaire turned philanthropist Bill Gates recently laid the long-time conspiracy theory that he owns some 80% of all U.S. farmland to rest in . Real estate investors overall have also been increasingly targeting single-family homes. Eggs have become expensive and scarce in some parts of the country. Gates also owned up to the various failures in their initiatives, and admitted that they try their best to leverage the expertise and wisdom from the community leaders present in the areas they aid. In 2000, the new Gates foundation launched with Bill, Melinda, and Warren Buffet on the trustee board. FPI is internally managed and the company owns farms in 16 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi,. Or, have more control over the resources we all use and need. Who owns the most property in Detroit Michigan? Bill Gates is buying up the majority of American farmland and BlackRock is buying the majority of single-family houses but I'm supposed to believe the biggest threat to us is Elon Musk buying Twitter? one Twitter user wrote (here). In 2020, there were 166 such funds globally, nearly a 9x increase from only 19 in 2005. Partnering with Monsanto to create these super seeds is also part of the plan. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is focused partly on agricultural development to support farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. While Gates has spent billions investing in agricultural properties to make them more productive, a growing number of retail investors are getting a piece of the real estate market with as little as $100 through companies backed by high-profile investors like Jeff Bezos. Read next:Bezos-Backed Startup Lets You Become A Landlord With $100. Thus, before we answer these questions, we are going to provide a brief summary of his financial history. The cost of chicken has also gone up, although not as drastically. In a 2020 blog post, he wrote, "The rich should pay more than they currently do, and that includes Melinda and me.". Youre not investing in a building that will decay over time, but the rich farmland itself. In their 2018 annual letter, the Gates Foundation answers the top ten questions they received, and they admitted that they didnt think it was fair that their family had so much global influence. In Washington, the duo owns more than 14,000 acres of farmland that includes potato . He has been buying thousands of acres across America. To better understand these questions, it's helpful to review Bill Gates' financial decision through the years, especially as it relates to Microsoft, Cascade Investments, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Climate Connection. Featured in the agricultural side of their plan is a strategy for subsistence farmers and other small-acre farms in Africa and the developing world education, resources, and layaway payment plans which can be used through smartphones. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. stated on February 13, 2023 in a Facebook post, Gates investments in plant-based meat and farmland. This isn't the first time Gates has called for higher taxes on the wealthy. What Happened: Gates answered dozens of questions over the course of a few hours during the AMA, including: Why are you buying up so much farmland, do you think this is a problem with billionaire wealth and how much you can disproportionally acquire?, He responded, I own less than 1/4000 of the farmland in the US. In the wake of this uncertainty, unfounded rumors began to spread that attempted to lay the blame for any coming food shortages on nefarious forces. This informational is by no means a promotion, solicitation, or recommendation of any specific investment. Gates does not own anywhere close to the majority of America's farmland. With more productive seeds we can avoid deforestation and help Africa deal with the climate difficulty they already face. For context, Invitation Homes and American Homes 4 Rents combined homes would be less than 1% of the 17.16 million homes, if total housing numbers stayed the same in the last three years. His largest holding is in Louisiana (69,071 acres), followed by Arkansas (47,927 acres) and Arizona (25,750 acres). "In terms of the very rich I think they should pay a lot more in taxes and they should give away their wealth over time. Gates believes that subsistence farmers and impoverished peoples will be among the most affected by climate change. By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider Gates owns roughly 275,000 acres of farmland in the US, according to the 2022 edition of the Land Report 100, a yearly survey of the biggest landowners in the country. Invitation Homes, for example, has approximately 80,000 homes for lease across the country and is the largest landlord for single-family homes in the United States (here) (here). Who is the largest landowner in the world? As of 2020, industry reports show he owned about 0.027% of U.S. farmland. Plum Creek, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is the largest private landowner in Michigan after purchasing 650,000 acres in 2005. Estes, Nick. On social media, we found people claiming, for example, that Gates owns the "majority" of U.S. farmland -- 80%, they claimed -- and that Gates is trying to buy up "all" of the farmland. Agfundernews.com, a website about agricultural investments, reported in 2021 that Gates' investments were part of a broader trend that started after the financial crisis of 2008, as investors looked for reliable returns. Gates-affiliated ownership covers vast swaths of farm and timberland, estimated to be 69,071 acres in all by niche land ownership publication The Land Report. The figure cited by The Land Report was subsequently reported by major news outlets including Business Insider and Forbes (here), (here). Owning farmland is one of the most prudent financial investments to make now. The Michigan State University shooter is a 21-year-old man named Lynn Dee Walker. Read more about our work to fact-check social media posts here . LIVE OAK, Fla. -- The investment company that manages the wealth of the world's richest man, Bill Gates, has been acquiring gobs of farmland in north Florida the past two years . While private companies and corporations are increasing . State law prohibits corporations, LLCs, and trusts from farming or ranching activities. As of 2022, he owned 248,000 acres of farmland across more than a dozen states, but this accounts for less than 1% of the total farmland in the U.S. Farmland REITs have a high degree of correlation with the overall stock market, and returns tend to be lower than less liquid farmland investments. Corn production is concentrated in the Lower Peninsula with Saginaw and Lenawee counties as Michigans largest producers. The Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) is a public authority that owns and manages approximately 100,000 parcels of property in the City of Detroit making it the citys largest landowner.Detroit Land Bank Authority. Official: Michigan State gunman had note threatening 2 New Jersey schools. Due climate change, dry seasons will be drier, and wet seasons will be more intense, and bring more flooding. The. Here are a few likely reasons why Bill Gates is scooping up farmland: Whatever you may think about the man himself, he has consistently made investing choices that brought him unusual and incredible returns, and this has brought him great wealth when others made the wrong fiscal moves, and lost much. Bill Gates, and the Chinese, are not just buying up farm land for that purpose. The report states that Gates has 70,000 acres of land in North Louisiana where they grow soybeans, corn, cotton. Breitbart News reporter Alana Mastrangelo wrote: Gates is now Americas largest private farmland owner, with hundreds of thousands of acres spanning across 19 U.S. states, according tothe Land Report. Essentially, by year 2030, the estimated results of what carbon emissions (and their, Eradicate major diseases such as polio, malaria, and HIV, Reduce child death by half across the developing countries in Africa, Educate and empower small-holder farmers through mobile banking, Featured in the agricultural side of their plan is a strategy for. Suggests virologists death is linked to COVID-19 vaccines. "With more productive seeds we can avoid deforestation and help Africa deal with the climate difficulty they already face. Our only agenda is to publish the truth so you can be an informed participant in democracy. By Rebecca . Although nowhere near 80 percent of U.S. farmland, its still a little more than one-third of the state of Rhode Island, a surprising amount for one person and enough to make Gates the largest landowner in the U.S. Hint, It's Not Bill Gates, Bezos-Backed Startup Lets You Become A Landlord With $100, Try the tool that will help you invest smarter, faster, and better, Bill Gates Finally Explains Why He's Buying So Much U.S. Gates also owned up to the various failures in their initiatives, and admitted that they try their best to leverage the expertise and wisdom from the community leaders present in the areas they aid. Lower-than-usual egg inventories near the end of the year, when demand is up from holiday baking, resulted in several successive weeks of record-high egg prices, the department said. Gates owns less than 1% of the nations farmland. For now, Gatess ever-expanding farmland ownership is really just rich guy doing rich guy things, and while concerning in a late-stage capitalism sort of way, it isnt as cartoonishly nefarious as some conspiratorial corners of the internet want to believe. Interestingly enough, though the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working on this agriculture initiative. Farmland has some natural built-in drawbacks for all of the built-in benefits: Just 20 years ago, it was difficult to invest in farmland if you werent already independently wealthy. During his 11th appearance in the "Ask Me Anything" . Farmland is what is known as an alternative asset an investment that can grow wealth outside of the stock market. The major cash crops are field beans, sugar beets, corn and wheat. It is unclear how cheap biofuels can be but if they are cheap it can solve the aviation and truck emissions. Bill Gates is well-known for building Microsoft, but it's a lesser-known fact that he's also the biggest private landowner in the US. Why Bill Gates Keeps Buying Up So Much Farmland, 60 Scientists Are Trying to Block the Sun, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. Across the nation, Gates' affiliates . The old saying about land is they aren't making any more of it. Supply and demand? Michigan - 2,167 acres; Mississippi - 16,963 acres; Nebraska - 20,588 acres; New Mexico - 1 acre; North Carolina - 874 . Either that or I had a screw loose. Investors from the Netherlands own 33% of that land with Canadians owning 25%. Those people are upset, but there are others that are just livid about this.. The North Dakota attorney general's office recently inquired into a 2,100-acre farmland purchase by Red River Trust, an entity affiliated with Bill Gates. RELATED: What Bill Gates has to do with livestock, lab-grown meat, RELATED: Eggflation? While many have also speculated that Gates' land purchases were in some way related to his efforts to curb climate change, Gates has said that the two are unrelated. The Land Report found in 2021 that the Gateses had 242,000 acres of farmland, 1,234 acres of recreational land, and 25,750 acres of land in transition from farmland to residential and commercial use (think suburban development). Though the Gates Foundation has spent so much time and resources on helping humanity more than any other private entity in history the sheer power their enterprise wields has drawn the attention and fear of many. The North Dakota purchase would put those total holdings at more than 270,000 acres, though it's not clear how the property is being divided following Gates and French Gates' divorce last year. A 2018 purchase of 14,500 acres of prime eastern Washington farmland - which is. Contacted by Reuters, a BlackRock spokesperson said: BlackRock is not buying single-family homes and is not competing with individuals to purchase houses in America.. Of those states, Gates owns the most land in Louisiana, where he is proprietor of more than 69,000 acres. Other factors are pandemic-related supply chain issues andholiday demand. Thus, in Gates mind, its extremely important to help empower these developing peoples before that year comes to fruition. According to a January 2021 article by The Land Report, Gates owned 242,000 acres of farmland through two investment management firms - Cottonwood Ag Management and Cascade Investment (here). But these land holdings account for only a tiny share of the countrys total farmland. These allow investors to get stared with as little as $10,000. 801 3rd St. S Farmland, Biden Hears Oval Office Plea for Alaska Oil Project in Lobbying Frenzy, Apple tops ranking of global companies with the most 'green' revenue, UPDATE 2-North Korea says UN should demand end to S.Korea-US military drills, US Treasury puts cost of outbound investment risk program at $10 million, US Jobs Report and Powell Testimony Take Center Stage: Eco Week. This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. According to Redfin, single-family housing represented over 70% of the properties purchased by investors in the third quarter of 2021 (here). These subsistence farmers can order equipment and seeds they need, paying what they can over a longer period of time. he has consistently made investing choices that brought him unusual and incredible returns, and this has brought him great wealth when others made the wrong fiscal moves, and lost much. 420,000 acresBill and Melinda Gates prior to their divorce accumulated roughly 270,000 acres of farmland in less than a decade. Prime soils and the moderating, Best Strip Clubs For 18 And Over in Detroit, Michigan. The figure is far below the total area of U.S. farmland. That's a ginormous deal, one that pencils out to almost $12,000 per acre for a whole lot of acres. An entity linked to billionaire Bill Gates has reportedly purchased 2,100 acres of potato farmland in northern North Dakota angering local residents. The billionaire is one of the founders of the Giving Pledge, which asks the world's wealthiest people to give away most of their fortunes to charitable causes. Bill Gates reportedly owns more farmland than anyone else in the United States. It's not part of his plans to save the planet. "It is not connected to climate. In 1999, Cascade Investment made an interesting decision: Gates sold over 7 million personal Microsoft shares to further diversify his portfolio. He has invested in multiple companies developing artificial or plant-based alternatives to meat, but he supports chicken farming and agricultural development. While Gates is still the top farmland owner in the U.S., not all of the property he owns is farmland. The Gates Foundation has focused their efforts on alleviating the aftermaths of climate change since its founding. Another main feature of the Big Bet is the implementation of the culmination of the Gates Foundations research: specialized GMO seeds for different crops that have been gene edited to be pest-proof, flood proof, disease proof, and climate change-resistant. He recently tried to explain why, and it was a little hard to follow. Who is the largest farmer in the United States? Official govt docs expose Michelle Obamas 14 year history as a man., "Woody Harrelsons 60 seconds in the middle of his monologue was cut out of the edits released after the show., BREAKING Trump preps Marines to stop presidential coup.. But there is no evidence these investments are linked to a nationwide shortage in chicken and egg products. No one but Bill Gates knows that answer. Momentum accelerated during the 2008-2009 Great Financial Crisis, when investors grew desperate for alternatives to traditional safe haven investments like bonds and gold. Pates wrote that while "nobody involved in the deal seems eager to talk about it," public records connected Gates and the buyer, Red River Trust.

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